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This unit covers a wide range of workplace related skills. The frameworks that are associates with this unit are fundamental requirements of finding and keeping employment. The workplace of today is more competitive than ever. A prospective employee is expected to perform his job duties in a professional manner. This unit is an introduction to commonly accepted standards of behavior as well as instruction on researching and applying for employment.

You will be accessing the Skills Tutor site for these lessons. The five individual sections are made up of a pre-test, lessons and post-test. You will need to get a minimum score of 80% on every component except the pre-test.

One point to remember. You will be allowed to take each component as many times as needed to get 80% however your grade will be the average of every time you take the component, so it’s best not to just blow through the components.

Skills Tutor / Workforce Readiness
Skills Tutor / Workforce Effectiveness
Skills Tutor / Workforce Maturity Skills
Skills Tutor / Career Decision Making
Skills Tutor / Job Seeking Skills

02.08 Demonstrate an understanding of federal, state and local taxes and their computation.
06.01 Employ critical thinking skills independently and in teams to solve problems and make decisions.
06.02 Employ critical thinking and interpersonal skills to resolve conflicts.
07.01 Describe personal and jobsite safety rules and regulations that maintain safe and healthy work environments.
07.02 Explain emergency procedures to follow in response to workplace accidents.
07.03 Create a disaster and/or emergency response plan.
10.01 Identify and describe the services and legal responsibilities of financial institutions.
10.02 Describe the effect of money management on personal and career goals.
10.03 Develop a personal budget and financial goals.
10.04 Complete financial instruments for making deposits and withdrawals.
10.05 Maintain financial records.
10.06 Read and reconcile financial statements.
10.07 Research, compare and contrast investment opportunities.
11.01 Describe the nature and types of business organizations.
11.02 Explain the effect of key organizational systems on performance and quality.
11.03 List and describe quality control systems and / or practices common to the workplace.
11.04 Explain the impact of the global economy on business organizations.
12.01 Evaluate and justify decisions based on ethical reasoning.
12.02 Evaluate alter. responses to workplace sit. based on personal, professional, ethical, legal responsibilities, and employer policies.
12.03 Identify and explain personal and long-term consequences of unethical or illegal behaviors in the workplace.
12.04 Interpret and explain written organizational policies and procedures.
15.02 Develop personal career plan that includes goals, objectives, and strategies.
15.03 Examine licensing, certification, and industry credentialing requirements.
15.05 Evaluate and compare employment opportunities that match career goals.
15.07 Identify opportunities and research requirements for career advancement.
15.08 Research the benefits of ongoing professional development.
Workplace Skills Frameworks Continued
15.09 Examine and describe entrepreneur opportunities as a career planning option.
15.10 Conduct a job search.
15.11 Secure information about a job.
15.12 Identify documents, which may be required when applying for a job.
15.13 Complete a job application form correctly.
15.14 Demonstrate competence in job interview techniques.
15.17 Demonstrate knowledge of how to make job changes appropriately.

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