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Work Habits Evaluation

Link to Evaluation Form

A Work Habits Evaluation Form will be completed by your instructor every grading period. The evaluations will be based on demonstrated work habits and does not require any time from the student. The only time involved will be a brief conference every grading period to review the evaluation, much like a performance review in a work situation.

This evaluation it is worth ten percent of your overall grade and will be repeated every grading period because of the essential nature of these objectives in this program. I expect you to continually demonstrate these frameworks throughout the entire duration of this course.

01.04 Relay instructions to others orally and in writing.
01.06 Document job tasks, costs and maintain records.
01.08 Interact with the employer, fellow employees and customers.
04.04 Interpret verbal and nonverbal cues / behaviors that enhance communication.
04.05 Apply active listening skills to obtain and clarify information.
04.07 Exhibit public relations skills that aid in achieving customer satisfaction.
06.03 Identify and document workplace performance goals and monitor progress toward those goals.
15.01 Identify and demonstrate positive work behaviors needed to be employable.
15.06 Identify and exhibit traits for retaining employment.
15.15 Identify or demonstrate appropriate responses to criticism from employer, supervisor or other employees.
15.16 Identify and adopt acceptable work habits.

Below is a copy of the form that I will be completing based on you demonstrated work habits. Every program at Traviss is supposed to maintain some form of record of your work habits. Although this is not a major part of your grade, if asked for an employment reference I would certainly refer to this particular evaluation as I ponder the wording of any recommendation I might make on your behalf.

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