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This unit gives us an understanding of the offset printing process. Offset printing, also called Offset Lithography, is the most widely used form of commercial printing. Technology for the printing industry has revolutionized the role that Graphic Artist play in this field.

The job responsibilities for the designer have become more essential to the process than ever before. Many jobs in the printing industry have simply disappeared since the introduction and wide spread integration of the digital desktop. In today’s employment environment there are simply no jobs in Commercial Art that do not require a high level of computer literacy.

Computer literacy has to be enhanced with an understanding of the process that it will be applied to. Offset printing, intaglio, flexographic printing, screen printing, to name a few, are all different processes that have different specifications for artwork preparation. It is essential that you understand the printing process in order to properly prepare work for printing.

These frameworks describe a discipline that in and of itself could make up an entirely different program. In fact they do, Digital Printing Technology. Our level of instruction in this area is more introductory in nature.

Video Content
Graphic Comm: Ch 1: Overview of Graphic Communication
Graphic Comm: Ch 2: Safety and Health
Graphic Comm: Ch 3: Measurement
Graphic Comm: Ch 26: Finishing and Binding
Graphic Comm: Ch 27: The Business of Printing

03.01 Define the differences in production processes and estimate relative costs.
03.02 Recognize limitations for printing.
03.03 Identify and select different printing surfaces.
03.04 Identify and select appropriate printing inks.
03.05 Identify and select finishing processes
03.06 Identify standard industry material sizes.
03.07 Specify types of folds.
13.01 Discuss the role of creativity in constructing scientific questions, methods and explanations
13.02 Formulate scientifically investigative questions, construct investigations, collect and evaluate data, and develop scientific recommendations based on findings
13.03 Understand molecular action as a result of temperature extremes, chemical reaction, and moisture content.
13.04 Draw conclusions or make inferences from data.
13.05 Identify health-related problems, which may result from exposure to work related chemicals and hazardous materials, and know the proper precautions required for handling such materials.
13.06 Understand pressure measurement in terms of PSI, inches of mercury, and KPA.
15.19 Demonstrate knowledge of the “Right-To-Know Law”.

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