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Portfolio / Self Promotion

This program exist for one reason; to prepare you for employment in the graphic arts industry. Every lesson, assignment ,project that you have worked on in this class has been in pursuit of this goal. This unit is designed for you to take all the work you have created and organize it into a presentation, or series of presentations.

For years the artist calling card was his, or her, portfolio. Today you are just as likely to present your work as via an E-mail attachment as a stand up presentation with a traditional portfolio. Because of this we will be creating various ways to present your work. The first step in assembling your portfolio is to evaluate your entire body of work to determine your strengths. This is the time to put your best foot forward to make an impression to prospective employers.

After you have an idea of your best works the next step is to organize them in some manner that will give an accurate picture of your current skill level. For example, if you have other samples from drawing class you might want to group them with some of our assignments that work with illustration. You wouldn't want to present only illustration in your portfolio, but if it is your strength then it would be good to highlight it.

Generally you want only your best work and all your skills demonstrated in your portfolio. It is better to have a strong group of fifteen samples than twenty five with mediocre work thrown in to fill out your presentation.

You should already have a start on this presentation with the brochure you creates in the InDesign/Graphic Design Basic crossover assignment. The brochure you created for that assignment can be used as a self promotion in conjunction with your portfolio you will be assembling in this unit.

Local Employment Report
Traditional Portfolio
Web Based Portfolio
PDF Portfolio
Practice Interview
Cover Letter
Total Time

08.01 Select and employ appropriate communication concepts and strategies to enhance oral and written communication in the workplace.
08.02 Locate, organize and reference written information from various sources.
08.03 Design, develop and deliver formal and informal presentations using appropriate media to engage and inform diverse audiences.
08.04 Interpret verbal and nonverbal cues/behaviors that enhance communication.
08.05 Apply active listening skills to obtain and clarify information.
08.06 Develop and interpret tables and charts to support written and oral communications.
08.07 Exhibit public relations skills that aid in achieving customer satisfaction.
09.01 Locate, comprehend and evaluate key elements of oral and written information.
09.02 Draft, revise, and edit written documents using correct grammar, punctuation and vocabulary.
09.03 Present information formally and informally for specific purposes and audiences.
10.01 Employ critical thinking skills independently and in teams to solve problems and make decisions.
10.02 Employ critical thinking and interpersonal skills to resolve conflicts.
10.03 Identify and document workplace performance goals and monitor progress toward those goals.
10.04 Conduct technical research to gather information necessary for decision-making.
12.01 Use Personal Information Management (PIM) applications to increase workplace efficiency.
12.02 Employ technological tools to expedite workflow including word processing, databases, reports, spreadsheets, multimedia presentations, electronic calendar, contacts, email, and internet applications.
12.03 Employ computer operations applications to access, create, manage, integrate, and store information.
12.04 Employ collaborative/groupware applications to facilitate group work.
15.01 Describe the nature and types of business organizations.
15.02 Explain the effect of key organizational systems on performance and quality.
15.03 List and describe quality control systems and/or practices common to the workplace.
15.04 Explain the impact of the global economy on business organizations
17.01 Identify and demonstrate positive work behaviors needed to be employable.
17.02 Develop personal career plan that includes goals, objectives, and strategies.
17.03 Examine licensing, certification, and industry credentialing requirements.
17.04 Maintain a career portfolio to document knowledge, skills, and experience.
17.05 Evaluate and compare employment opportunities that match career goals.
17.06 Identify and exhibit traits for retaining employment.
17.07 Identify opportunities and research requirements for career advancement.
17.08 Research the benefits of ongoing professional development.
17.09 Examine and describe entrepreneurship opportunities as a career planning option.


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