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Photoshop Unit

Photoshop, an industry standard image editing and manipulation program created by Adobe, allows users to edit existing photographs, create new graphical images and work with almost any extant image files.

Mikael, Andrew. "About Adobe Photoshop | EHow." EHow. Demand Media, 10 Apr. 2011. Web. 14 July 2013

This unit will be taught in class with Direct Instruction. It will last for one nine week term, three class periods per day. It will consist of lessons from text book and additional assignments meant to reinforce and instruct on various aspects of the Photoshop interface. It will conclude with students taking the exam for Adobe Certification.

At this point I am not sure how much time will be available for additional enrichment assignments. I believe that students will show greater progress with direct instruction and will allow us more time for additional practice than just working through the text book. I intend to use at least part of this time working on some of the Design Book assignments that need to be completed using Photoshop.

Textbook: Adobe Photoshop Revealed
Ch 1: Getting Started with Adobe Photoshop CS4
Ch 2: Working with Layers
Ch 3: Making Selections
Ch 4: Incorporating Color Techniques
Ch 5: Placing Type in an Image
Ch 6: Using Painting Techniques
Ch 7: Working with Special Layer Functions
Ch 8: Creating Special Effects with Filters
Ch 9: Enhancing Specific Selections
Ch 10: Adjusting Colors
Ch 11: Using Clipping Masks, Paths, & Shapes
Ch 12: Transforming Type
Ch 13: Liquefying an Image
Ch 14: Performing Image Surgery
Ch 15: Annotating and Automating an Image
Ch 16: Creating Images for the Web
Additional enrichment assignments as time allows.
102 Hours

16.08 Differentiate between line halftone, duo tone and four-color process.
18.13 Specify the use of halftones or special effects.
20.01 Demonstrate graphic art computer skills using appropriate graphic art programs and hardware.
20.02 Use software and hardware to manipulate and adjust various drawings, pictures and graphic material by computer.
20.03 Produce finished computer projects reflecting current computer graphic art technology.
20.04 Operate various scanners and input devices for computer graphics.

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