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Some of the topics the last OCP covers are type layout and lettering skills. Lettering refers to the act of creating or drawing letters by hand, with a variety of tools usually precisely rendered. Calligraphy is the art of writing beautifully. Calligraphy is a free flowing hand written image. Our frameworks have requirements for both.

Most of today’s lettering is mechanically produced. There are many options for creating the final output; large format printers, vinyl sign cutters, screen printed mass produced signs. The list goes on. The one thing they all have in common is that a well designed sign will be more effective than an poorly designed sign.

The most important aspect of these requirements is not the method used to produce the final product. For example the frameworks mention one method of creating letters using a tool called a LeRoy. This tool is basically obsolete and is not worth the time and effort to learn. So I am left with a dilemma; do I adhere to our frameworks or do I concentrate on equipment that you are likely to use this century.

Lettering is a very small slice of the graphic arts pie. The artists making a living doing calligraphy and other forms of hand painted signs exist but they represent a very small percent of the artist employed in this field.

There is one framework, 05.09 Illuminate a certificate, that requires the use of traditional calligraphy. We will be doing a small number of assignments to tech the basics of this art form. This is a skill that, although not widely called for, can be a valuable skill to possess.

We will need to do one example of lettering, the rendering of type by hand. This is different than calligraphy. In addition we will design and fabricate signs using our vinyl cutting equipment. Accurate measuring, type face selection and design

principles are the common tasks in all these projects.


Lettering Unit: Calligraphy / Structure & Spacing
Lettering Unit: Calligraphy / Design
Lettering Unit: Sign Layout / Vinyl
Lettering Unit: Certificate Illumination
Lettering Unit: Sign Layout / Hand Drawn
Total Time
05.01 Demonstrate use and care of tools, lettering pens, T-squares and triangles.
05.02 Identify and select lettering styles.
05.03 Perform and use pen, brush, pencil and LeRoy lettering.
05.04 Utilize guidelines, margins and spacing for layouts.
05.05 Paint or draw precise lettering for reproduction.
05.06 Utilize various types of prepared lettering processes.
05.07 Produce a sign on poster board.
05.08 Determine and select lettering styles for layout sketches.
05.09 Illuminate a certificate.
06.01 Demonstrate knowledge of arithmetic operations.
06.02 Analyze and apply data and measurements to solve problems and interpret documents.
06.03 Construct charts/tables/graphs using functions and data.

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