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2013-14 Florida Department of Education Student Performance Standards

Program Title: Commercial Art Technology 2_PSAV Number: K600200

Course Number: GRA0038
Occupational Completion Point: A
Illustrator – 300 Hours – SOC Code 27-1024

01.0    Demonstrate proficiency in technical art skills--The student will be able to:

01.01  Explain care and respect for all tools and equipment.
01.02  Make computations for centering, spacing and scaling drawings.
01.03  Draw on various types of drafting media.
01.04  Interpret information from drawings, prints and sketches.
01.05  Draw freehand sketches.
01.06  Draw auxiliary views.
01.07  Draw a one and two point perspective.
01.08  Make corrections on a drawing.
01.09  Draw in ink on a variety of surfaces.
01.10  Develop a glossary of technical terms.
01.11  Analyze an object to determine size and shape.
01.12  Draw an oblique drawing.
01.13  Draw an isometric drawing.
01.14  Read and interpret technical charts, graphs and diagrams.
01.15  Evaluate a drawing.
01.16  Make an orthographic drawing using a Computer-Assisted Drafting (CAD) system as an individual or team member.
01.17  Make a print on a plotter.

02.0    Demonstrate proficiency in illustration skills--The student will be able to:

02.01  Explain proper use and care of tools.
02.02  Demonstrate elementary anatomy drawing skills.
02.03  Illustrate using ink, pencil, washes, markers, tempera, watercolor and paints.
02.04  Demonstrate renderings of different textures using the above media.
02.05  Make illustrations using various subjects.
02.06  Make a montage illustration.
02.07  Draw a cartoon.

03.0    Demonstrate proficiency in graphic art computer skills--The student will be able to:

03.01  Demonstrate graphic art computer skills using appropriate graphic art programs and hardware.
03.02  Use software and hardware to manipulate and adjust various drawings, pictures and graphic material by computer.
03.03  Produce finished computer projects reflecting current computer graphic art technology.
03.04  Operate various scanners and input devices for computer graphics.

04.0    Demonstrate proficiency in airbrush skills--The student will be able to

04.01  Explain proper use and care of tools.
04.02  Identify airbrush parts.
04.03  Perform airbrush exercises: dots, lines and graded shadings.
04.04  Select appropriate surfaces and painting materials.
04.05  Define the use of masking materials.
04.06  Airbrush a painting using masks or brushes.
04.07  Airbrush geometric shapes.
04.08  Airbrush freehand painting.
04.09  Airbrush an illustration of a product.
04.10  Retouch photos.

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