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2013-14 Florida Department of Education Student Performance Standards

Program Title: Commercial Art Technology 1_PSAV Number: K600100

Course Number: GRA0036
Occupational Completion Point: A - CORE
Desktop Publishing Assistant – 450 Hours – SOC Code 43-9031

01.0    Demonstrate basic commercial art knowledge--The student will be able to:

01.01  Take notes, listen and comply with instructions.
01.02  Read instructions thoroughly.
01.03  Request clarification of instructions (ask questions).
01.04  Relay instructions to others orally and in writing.
01.05  Define and explain commercial art terms.
01.06  Document job tasks, costs and maintain records.
01.07  Make project presentations.
01.08  Interact with the employer, fellow employees and customers.

02.0    Demonstrate proficiency in graphic production--The student will be able to:

02.01  Define the differences in production processes and estimate relative costs.
02.02  Recognize limitations for printing.
02.03  Identify and select different printing surfaces.
02.04  Identify and select appropriate printing inks.
02.05  Identify and select finishing processes.
02.06  Identify standard industry material sizes.
02.07  Specify types of folds.

03.0    Demonstrate proficiency in graphic art computer skills--The student will be able to:

03.01  Demonstrate graphic art computer skills using appropriate graphic art programs and hardware.
03.02  Use software and hardware to manipulate and adjust various drawings, pictures and graphic material by computer.
03.03  Produce finished computer projects reflecting current computer graphic art technology.
03.04  Operate various scanners and input devices for computer graphics.

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Commercial Art
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