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In teaching this program I have had the pleasure of observing the progress of my students. I realized, in a few cases, that although a student had completed all the assignments they were still so insecure about their drawing ability that they were reluctant to draw even a simple sketch, In fact in some cases these students seemed incapable of expressing concepts of any complexity at all in a visual manner. I find this unacceptable for a profession that is suppose to be about visual communication.

In order to make sure this situation does not repeat itself you have a weekly sketchbook assignment. These assignments are exploratory in nature. The objective of these assignments is not to create a masterpiece. The objective of these assignments is to make students comfortable expressing their ideas in a visual manner and to familiarize them with some of the basic techniques of drawing and designing. The only way not to get a passing grade on these assignments is not to do them.

These are homework assignments and will be due on Monday of every week. The average of these assignments will count as 10% of your grade. With little variation the grading will be the same for every assignment.

Assignment name and date written on edge of page
Student correctly interpreted the project instructions and has demonstrated the assignment objective
Effort, quality, results. On a scale of 1 to 5, your project is a:
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I don't expect a masterpiece, I do expect effort. Drawing is a skill that can be learned. Like any skill it takes practice, effort and engagement. It is hard to look at a drawing and place an artistic value on it. It is easy to look at a drawing and judge the amount of effort that went into it.

Your sketchbook can become a source of creative inspiration as well as a tool for planning and researching projects. There are many sources online for sketchbook information. One site I would like you to explore is Student Art Guide.


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