Digital Portfolio of

Kit Taylor



  • Hard Rock, Las Vegas
    • This design was a site specific design for Hard Rock Cafe, Las Vegas. SS Designs of Winter Haven, the company I worked for from Spring 1988 until the Fall of 2001 was the corporate printer for Hard Rock Cafe for a number of years in the 90’s. As a staff designer it was my job to create design concepts for our sales staff in response to garment design requests from our clients. After a, sometimes lengthy, design revision process I would then be responsible for generating spot separations for the approved design.
  • Paradise Island
    • Life's a Beach, and it deserves to be worn on a shirt proclaiming that message to the world. Basically this was a design to be sold at Busch Gardens, Tampa to give tourists an opportunity to express their inner beachbum. I don't think this design was actually accepted and developed to print. But I would have worn it. This design is my personal homage to my old buddy Jim Finch III. May "Parrot Surfer" never be forgotten.
  • RJ Launch
  • RJ Spring Break 99
  • X-33, It's What's Next
  • Skewered Without a Kiss
  • Daytona Bike Week 2000
  • Global Surfer
  • Aruba Red
  • Painted Orca
  • Less Stress = More Fun
  • The Gift of Surf
  • Cubist Tubest
  • Lady Liberty