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Supply & Book List

Listed below are the supplies that you will need to start this course. There may be additional tools that you would find helpful and may wish to purchase. The list below are items I want you to provide. I will expect you to have the basic art supplies after your first week in class. Most of these items are available at Staples or other office supply stores. I have included price estimates. The actual price can vary greatly depending on where you purchase your supplies.

There will be in-class assignments that will require the use of these supplies and tools. If you do not have them you will not be able to complete these assignments.

Basic Art Supplies Required for Course
    Estimated Price
1 ½ Inch - 3 Ring Binder
Set Page Dividers
Black Sharpie Ultra Fine Point Markers
Black Sharpie Fine Point Markers
Pencils - I want you to have a pencil in class at all times.






Text Books

Adult students will need to purchase the following book throughout the year. It is not neccesary to purchase all the books at once. We will be working out of a different textbook every nine week period

Term 1: Adobe Illustrator CS6 Revealed ISBN 9781133693192

Term 2: Adobe Photoshop CS6 Revealed ISBN 9781133693222

Term 3: Adobe InDesign CS6 Revealed ISBN 978133815211

Term 4: Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 Revealed ISBN 9781133693208

In the past I provided a class set of books for adult students to use. I have changed this policy for two reasons:

  • Requiring students to purchase their own books allows us to constantly be working out of the most current text.
  • Providing textbooks was sending the wrong message. This is a serious program that will require commitment on your part to be successful. All other programs here at Traviss require students to purchase their own books.

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