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Program Title: Commercial Art Technology

Occupational Area: Arts, A/V Technology & Communication
Program Numbers: (PSAV) K600100 & K600200 (Secondary) 8718000
Program Length: (PSAV)1500 Hours (Secondary) 10 Credits

Program Mission Statement

The program mission is to teach students the skills needed to be successfully employed in the commercial arts industry as outlined in the Florida Department of Educational Curriculum Frameworks for Commercial Art Technology.

This program prepares students for employment in the Graphic Arts Industry, specifically: Desktop Publishing Assistant, Design Technician, Illustrator, Print Media Artist

Students should have an interest in art. Skills that would be helpful are drawing, painting, designing and an interest in computer graphics. Good communication skills as well as reading ability are a valuable plus in this field.

The state mandates the number of Student Performance Standards (SPS) to be met for every program. Commercial Art Technology includes, but is not limited to these standards. This program balances the requirements of the State Department of Education with the demands of the workplace. This program is structured to concentrate on the following three areas of skills needed to be employed as a commercial artist.

Design Skills:

There are many employment opportunities in commercial art, but the bottom line with commercial art is visual communication. In the end, we are trying to communicate with visual images, with words, or a combination of both. It is the mastery of design principles that makes our message understood and remembered. It will be our goal to learn to use various principles of design and apply them effectively in different settings.

Computer Skills:

In today’s employment environment, computer skills are essential to be considered for a job in commercial art. We will be concentrating on the Adobe Creative Suite (industry standard in the graphic arts community): Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and In Design.

Employability Skills:

The most talented artist in the world will not remain employed long without the skills to keep a job. Productivity, punctuality, work ethic, and respect are traits that every employer is looking for. We would be wasting our time to work on acquiring skills to do a job if we ignore the skills to keep a job.

Mr. Kit Taylor, Instructor


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