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Instructional Delivery

After having tried various instructional delivery methods It has become obvious to me over the years that the only viable option for this environment is individual instruction.

Traviss Career Center has an open enrollment policy. This policy and our joint service to both High School and Adult students enrolled in the same program creates an environment that places beginning and returning students alike in the same class. By it's very nature the structure of this program is individualized.

To accommodate this enrollment reality the Commercial Art Technology program is designed as a series of assignments that are competed sequentially by every student. Occasionally there will be some whole class activity but largely students work on their individual assignment based on their current level of progress in the program.

This is not the same as self paced. Every assignment has a time value associated with it. Failure to progress through the course content will adversely effect both the students grade and, in the case of Adult students, the completion of the program within the allocated funding window approved for this program based on the state mandated program frameworks.



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