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Grading Policy

Your grade will be the average of four categories:
40 % Project Grades
40 % Class Participation Grade
10 % Sketchbook Assignments
10 % Weekly Time Log

Project Grades

Your Project Grade will be the average of the grades you earn on your individual projects and test scores averaged together. Each individual project has a grade form that has instructions about the assignments; the specific grade criteria for how the assignment will be graded as well as the time allowed for completion of the assignment.

Half of the grade will be the satisfactory completion of the requirements criteria outlined on the grade form. The second half of the individual project grade will be the completion of the project within the specified number of periods allowed for each project.

This Productivity component to the grade is necessary due to the open enrollment and resulting individualized progression that is a result of that open enrollment policy. Every assignment has a set number of periods allowed for completion.

This time is based on data collected over a number of semesters from previous students. The Time component is a real world factor. It is my expectation that students will be able to complete all assignments within the allowed time, with diligence and discipline.

Class Participation Grade

Students will receive a daily participation grade based on our in-class activity. This Participation Grade will require students to turn in their daily work assignment into the instructor’s Public Folder.
This will be a daily requirement for all students. Students on class for a single class period will have one submission assignment due each day. Students who are assigned to class for more than one period will have additional submission assignments due every day. Projects will vary in length from a single day to several days. I will expect students to turn in their work product so I can verify their progress every day.

Students who are absent will be given a makeup assignment that can be worked on at home. Students will receive a zero for the day until the assignment is made up. I will make accommodations for students who are out of class for school related reasons such as FCAT testing. Other than that any work missed due to absences will need to be made up to remove the zero from this category

Sketchbook Assignments

You will be receive a weekly sketchbook assignment. These assignments are meant to help develop traditional drawing and design skills that are foundational to this discipline. These assignments will be assigned as homework.

Weekly Time Log

Students will maintain a weekly log of activities that will be distributed on Monday morning and due at end of day on Fridays or the last day of the week.

Makeup Work Policy

You are accountable for the full amount of time you are registered in this course. Because so much of our work is done on the computer using specific software there is very little chance to do makeup work at home. You will have to work harder in class to make up for any days that you miss.


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