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Daily Schedule

• High School students will follow the Traviss bell schedule for class change.

• Adult students will follow a slightly different routine.

Time Block

In the past I have had students work on one project at a time and progress thru the body of assignments more or less in a linear progression. I have found that this often leads to a kind of lethargy with students not utilizing their time in class to the best advantage possible. We now have three different blocks of time. An early morning block, an after break block and an after lunch activity.

Your assignments may vary and you may be directed to work on different activities thru out the day. There will be times when you will be working as a class or individually. This will change depending on the instructional needs of the day.

Students who, due to scheduling, are not in class for the entire day will have modified assignments that take into account the reduced time allowed to complete assignments.

School Begins:

First Lunch
Start 10:42
End 11:12
Class Starts 11:17

Students Dismissed


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