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Classroom Procedures:

Sign In

Sign in on Sign In sheet in front hallway. Students only need to do this the first period they report to class.

Whole Class Instruction:

This activity will be easy enough. Just listen and follow instructions. We will be conducting whole class computer instruction at different times throughout the grading period. These times will be based on many factors including student schedules and individual progress.

Individual Activities:

When ever possible I would like for the class to work on the same assignment together. This will soon be unmanageable due to our open enrollment policy. At times other than computer instruction you will be directed to start or continue with your individual assignment. To do this I want you to follow these instructions:

Confer with Instructor:

Get next assignment from the instructor, do not proceed without directions. Print Grade Form After you and your instructor discuss the appropriate assignment. You will need to navigate to the appropriate unit on the class web site,, and print the assigned grade form. These grade forms have the instructions for the project, the grading criteria, project weight and time allowed.

Review Grade Form with your Instructor:

I will sign this form and note the starting day/period when we review this Grade Form. I will be use this date to calculate how long you worked on the assignment. This calculation will count as half of the grade for each assignment. I will not grade any assignment without this form turned in with your finished work. I will deduct ten points from the grade if you loose the signed/dated form and have to print out another copy.

At the end of your time in class:

Turn Computer off using Shut Down command from Apple Menu.

Leave monitors on.

Computer work station should be free of any papers and your books put away.

Push your chair under your desk as you leave. Make sure any tools or materials you might have used throughout the day are returned to where they came from. Alternatively, you can schedule a time for your Mamma to come do this for you.


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