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Class Rules

General Class Decorum

Everyone will receive an orientation when starting at Traviss. Basic rules like remaining in assigned area, appropriate behavior, etc. will all be addressed and you will be expected to comply. This page lists some of the additional requirements that I would like to make clear to all of my students.

Makeup Work Policy

Because so much of our work is done on the computer using specific software there is very little chance to do any makeup work for computer related assignments. If you miss time in class then you will have to work harder to make up for any days that you miss.

Telephone Policy

Last year I had to instruct a student to quit watching videos on his phone. That student thought I was being unreasonable. In recent years our smart phones have turned into full fledged entertainment centers. I'm sorry but we have come to the point where the smart phone is so capable it is making us dumb!

It has become obviously to me that my naive thinking that a student would just put a play list on and concentrate on their work for hours is flawed. Because of this I am going to enforce the Polk County School Boards policy of no personal listening devices in class, If you are expecting an important call, let me know, I will allow you to take it. Phone calls, text messages, emails, Facebook status updates, tweets and all other media content, that I just don't know about, all have their place. The class room isn't that place.

Behavior Expectations

Students are required to comply with the Polk County School Code of Conduct. Traviss Technical Center is a school of choice. You are expected to behave as though you want to be here. I look on your time here as a job. You are expected to behave as if you are at a work site. In keeping with our school-to-work philosophy I will have the same expectations of you that an employer will.

Dress Code Policy

In fall of 2008 Traviss Career Center switched to a required uniform policy. At this point students are required to wear the specific uniform for their program. The Commercial Art Technology program is black pants and red polo shirts or program T-Shirt, a belt and appropriate footwear. These T-Shirts are available from your instructor for $5.00 per shirt. At this price there is no excuse for not complying with our dress code.

Computer Policy, All students

Computers are for educational use only. You are in this program to learn. Some of the factors that effect your working ability on the computer are ergonomic concerns. Because of this I will be instructing you on both computer positioning and appropriate posture as well as the use of keyboard shortcuts. I post this here so that when it is addressed in class you won’t feel that I am picking on you. You are expressly restricted from:

1. Streaming video content or music content from the Internet.
2. Checking any E-mail accounts.
3. Working on any computer except the one you are assigned
4. Using any desktop image other than the Apple operating system
5. Adding any music to the I-Tune Library
6. Installing any applications.

Attendance Policy_Adult Students

Traviss Career Center has instituted a strict attendance policy, If you miss more than sixty hours in a semester, two nine week grading periods, you will be withdrawn. You will have to wait to re-enter the program at the next semester break.
You are being educated in a Career Center. It should be self evident that our focus is preparing you for the workforce. This not only includes the technical skills related to your occupation but also general employability skills. As such this program is structured to stress productivity and dependability as a key components for success.

• Contact me whenever you will be absent. You can phone me here at school at 499-2700 or e-mail me at kit.taylor@po Failure to contact me will negatively affect your Work Habits Grade

• Our starting time is 7:30 a.m. If you are not in class by 8:00 a.m. you will not be allowed to attend class that day. I understand there will be times when emergencies arise. If you will contact me by phone before 8:00 a.m. I will make allowances for emergency situations on a case by case basis.


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