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A Little About Me

Born in early 1950's at Patrick Air Force Base on the Space Coast of Florida, I grew up within walking distance of the Atlantc Ocean. Some of my earliest memories are of watching the Project Mercury rocket launches as America's Space Program began its journey to the moon. I didn't know until much later that I was watching some of the most historic events of the twentieth century.

Those early rockets were the first inspiration for my art. Even then my favorite subject was always "Show and Tell". I guess that's where my passion for Web Design stems from. I've always thought of a web page as the ultimate form of "Show and Tell". Anywhere ,anytime, anyone can see your stuff. I love technology!!!

1989 Florida West Coast

At the finish line of the 1989 Cross Florida Bike Ride; 172 Mile one day event. I'm not sure which was better, getting off of my bike at the end of the day or having the future Mrs. Taylor waiting for me.

So this is my new Iron Horse. I call him Silver. Just joined the family, 11/11/18