Digital Portfolio of

Kit Taylor


Design Skills:

There are many employment opportunities in commercial art, but the bottom line with commercial art is visual communication. In the end, we are trying to communicate with visual images, with words, or a combination of both. It is the mastery of design principles that makes our message understood and remembered. It will be our goal to learn to use various principles of design and apply them effectively in different settings.

I created this image from three different sources images for the "Why College?" video assignment. I was trying to speak to the changing technology we need to master in the Twenty First Century as well as the timeless appreciation of beauty all artist must develop. I feel that it is a waste of time and technology if we only focus on the medium and not the content. To be sure, digital media is a discipline as exacting as any classic studio discipline. Sadly it comes with many bells and whistles that can be mistaken for design when, in fact, they are decoration. The trick is knowing the difference.