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This program is different from other programs in the Arts A/V Technology & Communication Career Cluster in one very important aspect. The Commercial Art Technology program, more than any other program, deals with the fundamentals of Graphic Design and Illustration.

Our frameworks require us to work with and understand principles of art: balance, contrast, unity, repetition, proportion, pattern and rhythm as well as the elements of art: line, shape, texture, color, mass and value.

Examples of Recent Student Class Assignments

Golden Ratio Grid Layout

4X4 Grid With Emphasis

4X3 Grid Variations

Witherington Hennings Turner
Myrick Lowery St. Gelais
St.Gelais Turner Rodriguez
Grooms Dent Myrick
Rodriguez St. Gelais Myrick 2
Lowery   Lowery

Student Progress/ Digital Portfolio 11/15/14

Grooms Turner  
Norris Witherington  
St. Gelais    



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