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Design Book Project Samples

This unit is an introduction to design concepts that are the building blocks for all Graphic Designers.

The Design Book is a series of introductory assignments meant to familiarize students with the basic elements and principles of art. We have another series of design projects that are more commercial in nature dealing with conventional projects you might encounter in a work situation: logo design, advertisement, brochure layout, etc. That unit is the Graphic Design Basics unit and will be started shortly after the Design Book is completed.

You won’t be ready to complete some of these projects digitally for some time into the program due to the length of time your computer instruction will take. This is an ongoing balancing act that, at times, can lead to some discontinuity in the order of assignments.

The samples below are links to additional pages describe some of the assignments in the Design Book and show different samples from students.

Tim Parker Cover DesignCover Rudy Engstrom Title PageTitle Page Gestalt
Asymmetry Sample
Design Process
Design Process
Justin Davis Photomontage
Texture Project
Texture Quilt
Color Wheel SampleColor Wheel

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