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Every computer application we will be working with has many features from basic to advanced. That's the reason these applications have become the industry standard. They do the multitude of tasks that professionals need to get done.

We will be working through our textbook together. There are many capabilities of these programs that are not addressed on our text. It is unlikely there is any textbook or educational environment that could fully address every aspect of these applications.

That is why you will be doing additional assignments; to introduce topics not fully covered in the text and to reinforce material presented earlier. These assignments will be more creative and challenging than the projects presented in our textbooks. I have found that there is a huge divide between following instructions and applying knowledge.

Illustrator Projects

Shape Drawing
Shape Drawing

Charater Layout
Disney Colorization

3D-Extrude & BevelExercise
3D Extrude & Bevel

3D extrude & Bevel
Extrude & Bevel with Symbol

Scatterbrush Sample

Landscape with Scatter brush


Photoshop Projects

Forbidden Planet
Forbidden Planet
Adjustment Layer Exercise

Layer Mask Exercise
Layer Mask Exercise
Adventures in Photoshop
Adjustment Layers / Path Selection Exercise

Quad Photo Layout
Quad Photo




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