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Computer Instruction

This section is devoted to in class computer instruction. In the past I have worked with direct computer instruction for part of the content and found the results were very positive. My personal observations lead me to believe that conducting class with every student receiving the same information will lead to higher educational gains.

Sadly, our open enrollment policy makes this type of lock-step approach to education impossible to manage without adversely effecting some students. Often a returning student or one who is in class for a larger portion of the day is ready to move forward while another student, for what ever reason, is not.

This is a problem inherent to the open enrollment structure here at Traviss. I believe that I have found a solution to this situation.

In order to allow students to progress independently with the same level of instruction I am creating and linking instructional videos on this web page of every lesson in our textbook for students to review prior to beginning the lesson on the computer.

My goal is to have a video that walks through every lesson in the text books we are using for our computer instruction. This will be an ongoing project that will develop as the year progresses.

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Photoshop Vocabulary Study Guide 1 Password is dumdum

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