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Welcome to Mr. Taylor's Commercial Art Technology

This site was created and is being maintained for three reasons.

• Deliver information, assignments and instructions to my students
• Showcase the work product of my students
• Personal learning activity

This site is in its infancy stages. I hope to have the entire content of the Commercial Art Technology program available through this site. In the future you can look for galleries that highlight student samples of completed assignments showing how different students approached the same design problem as well as links to supporting instructional content. As of this publication date, I have a ways to go. The fact is, neither Rome nor this site were constructed in a day.

A Message from the Instructor

I welcome entering students into the Commercial Art Technology program with the flame of knowledge and try to instill a desire to work towards mastery of the content of this course.

I say goodbye to my students, upon completion of this course, having done everything within my power to inspire, in them, an appreciation of the marvelous opportunity for employment and sense of satisfaction this career path can offer.

Kit Taylor
Commercial Art Technology


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This Site Last Modified March 10, 2015

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